Traditional Style #3

trad 3-1
9th August 2016
9th August 2016

Cherry Blossom


This kitchen comprises of a blend of rich, vibrant hardwoods contrasting with the bright, organic painted kitchen units, and encloses drawers, presses and an assortment of appliances such as a microwave and an oven camouflaging into the surroundings. The kitchen endorses solid cherry based units which are mounted by granite work surfaces. A large, solid ash painted pantry unit with twin glass presses, a microwave and a mid-larder pull-out press adds a tall yet not over powering presence to this elegant living space. Another painted oven and fridge unit exists on the other side of the kitchen, incorporating a solid cherry worktop resting upon it. The minimal cornice detail provides a simple but affective branch to this intrinsically designed kitchen. The extractor unit provides another element to this lively living area and also provides aesthetically pleasing look. All in all, this outstanding kitchen is the perfect masterpiece of craftsmanship suited to any kitchen.

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