Specialist Joinery/Commercial Fit Outs


PMD Woodworking Ltd offers a wide variety of prestigious specialist joinery, including doors, flooring, stairs, Wall-panelling etc. PMD offer a unique and enigmatic product, incorporating glass and steel among other adornments to give the invigorating and incandescent feeling you desire.

PMD Woodworking LTD provides Tailor-made, cutting edge,innovative pieces to soothe the needs and wants of our clients particular inspired tastes. We are renowned joiners and cabinet makers for 25 years and PMD provides expertly hand-crafted products using American, European and African Hardwood’s for modern, traditional and Generic designs. PMD Woodworking LTD tailor to our clients wishes by choosing the finest woods from highly regarded suppliers of Hardwood timbers. One of our most recommended Hardwoods include Accoya, which is a New Zealand grown Hardwood with a minimum lasting life of 60 years for external purposes: Just a taste of the wealth of experience acquired over a quarter century of working in this industry.

Working in collaboration with architects, designers and directly with our client also, PMD complete it’s projects to the highest specification within our clients budget on schedule.

Selected Joinery Pieces